Tuesday, November 25, 2008

maybe i spoke too soon

maybe those papers won't close... Conn. Gov. Jodi Rell and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal aparently said they might look for a way to save the JRC papers. It'll be interesting to see where this will lead. Read the story here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

And there's kids playing guns in the street

And one's pointing his tree branch at me
So I put my hands up, I say "Enough is enough
If you walk away, I'll walk away"
And he shot me dead
[Bright Eyes]


of a police officer who died in a car crash chasing another vehicle

Thursday, November 13, 2008


i spent a good part of the night at the homeless shelter yesterday. it's getting cold, people are flocking there for a blanket and a mat. these guys are sleeping in the lobby where the lights are never off. i've hung out at st. anne's a lot lately and last night finally found who i was looking for...

just what we do too.

looking through glass, learning about life.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a heavy sigh of relief...

...because had i stayed i most likely would have joined the ranks of unemployed photojournalists come january.
JRC put the new britain herald and the bristol press up for sale and will shut them down if there's no new owner within 60 days. I've talked to people at the herald but the hartford courant officially reports it here. We knew this was coming but it still gives me chills. It makes me feel extra warm and cozy here at the standard...this time i escaped the burning house right before the roof collapsed. scary times. we'll see what comes next. i hope everyone to be laid off will make their way and find other opportunities.

who needs gear anyway?

or...girls can't carry a 400 -- let alone two
or...photojournalists for point'n'shoots
or...big gear's for loosers
or...let the intern break his back, carrying my gear (ouch!)
or...I need the LCD display to see what i'm shooting

Nick Draney and I put ourselves to work today. It's too cold outside anyway.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


snowbird opened. utah's snow season has started. it was so beautiful up there. what can i say...pretty nice day, i came away glowing. i also shot video, which is here.


has tumors up and down his throat and now also in his lungs. he used to have them removed every two weeks. but that's not working anymore, so he's on chemo now.the machine helps him breathe when he gets dizzy. his mom's way of dealing with this and helping him blew me away. it's an assignment that i've been struggling to leave behind after walking out the door.

elections in utah

were rather unspectacular, compared to other places around the country. no lines at the polls, and when the results came in, ogden remained quiet. many poll workers still said it was busier than ever before.

giant feet

a jazzer is being stretched.

Friday, November 7, 2008

citizen journalism?

or voyerism? are we any better because we have a press pass? and a big camera? i was pretty annoyed with these people, klicking away with their cells and point'n'shoots. then i started questioning what i was doing. i don't know. just a thought, i guess.