Sunday, June 20, 2010


a few here and there out of the van while we were running the race. good times.
i covered an arts class in jail put on by, an organization that exhibits and sells the inmates' art.
it was difficult to understand the magnitude of these women's life inside. i thought about it as I walked out the sturdy iron doors and as I drove home through heavy clouds and the sun setting over the lake. i thought about it as I ordered dinner and walked into my apartment. reality is different in there. i haven't spent a year in jail. or two. or eight. but i came away feeling that life is harsh, sometimes too harsh to grasp. these women won't smell oncoming rain or get to chose what to eat tonight or walk into an apartment of their own for years to come. these photos of shellie and sasha next to each other drove home those contrasts. interesting stuff that makes me thinky and remember that there is no default to life.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

summer writing class in ogden.
held outdoors where creative juices flow
and a day on which everything seems special.

Friday, June 11, 2010

sowing goodness

maybe it reflected my mood that day when i came away from a bright sunny gardening assignment with photos that look heavy. or is it just me. kind of like an artist taking thick brush strokes with fat, gluey paint, i saw in those kids and this process something that made me want to dive in and drown out a little of the white noise i've been hearing so much lately. this was a therapist who uses gardening as one of her methods to get closer to clients. it seemed such an organic way to go about things. i liked it a lot.


i love the game. but the fans, drums and cheering is what makes my little german soccer heart feels like home when i hear those sounds. only here people don't get blindingly drunk and smash their faces with fists and other more rugged utensils.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

night owl

lack of sleepyness, too much computer and the air that's sweet and heavy with pollen had me head out last night for a walk around the neighborhood.


i didn't shoot much at beth and ramin's wedding -- sometimes it's hard for me to squeeze out frames while also being present and talking to people. I went for the latter and had a great time without much visual evidence. Just believe me that I did.