Friday, October 31, 2008

sports? me?

this is my features and general news hiatus. i told my editor someone said if i shoot sports i'd become better overall. he must have liked the idea. i've covered sports almost every day this week. it's pretty fun, for a change, and i think it'll make me look at non-sports assignments in a fresh way. below is a shot from my first jazz game on wednesday. pretty exciting stuff...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

at the pearly gates

i wish i had something nice to say. this poor fellow didn't only crash his car, he also was shot in the back beforehand. what a sad place to die...wall avenue in ogden. with a few wilting flowers tied to a pole left to tell his story.

Monday, October 27, 2008

blatantly left without me

my eye has been on vacation for the last couple of days or weeks, i don't even remember. it's probably hitting on hot girls in hawaii, while i'm sitting at home, tinkering with dyptics. maybe it's taking a walk here...or napping in here... anyway, it's freaky and frightening. i can't remember the last time i haven't posted in a week, not because i was busy but because life just felt blah...but maybe that's how things go sometimes. below is some stuff from last week. above, a frosty morning out camping this weekend. and i could tell, the wonderful feeling of seeing is slowly coming back, or better, my eye and I will try to vacation together from now on..

so i won't see her

ashley dresses up and tells me not to take her picture. when i do she screams and giggles and runs away. so i ignore her. then she comes over and does something else outrageous to get my attention. and tells me not to take her picture so she can scream and giggle when i do.

zee fussball

horses and girls

dress-up party

Thursday, October 16, 2008

it does the trick

this guy invented a stick that he uses to 'paddle' on a longboard instead of using his foot to move forward. this was for a portrait and we blocked the lane there for a little while, with traffic waiting in my back, which was kind of unnerving. but they were patient. maybe they saw the 400 and thought i was with the fbi. or that this guy was going to, uhm, save the world or something like that...but i think they just didn't want to run me over period

Monday, October 13, 2008

the usual stench of ryan's envy

because he said so

snow day

it snowed and it stuck. jawohl. i get high on endorphines, just thinking about the upcoming season. all my life snow has been a rarity, that, if i was lucky, would stay on the ground until i came home from school. and here we get it in october, when i would still apply sun screen to my naked arms in arizona and just begin breaking out the long sleeves in berlin...pretty nice
(oh, and these are my parents)

the trio of four

mean molly's trio perform in ogden. the keyboardist isn't in the frame. i didn't want to confuse you.

the day after iraq

annabel's laps

that morning, annabel finished swimming her 6,000th mile in the local pool. and in one tenth of a second this will turn into the 6 am achievement kiss by her friend and swimming partner.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

fear factor

illo for a story on how all this scary halloween stuff affects kids. the little aligator was indeed very frightened, held on to his mommy tightly and only looked up this one time before running out of the frame again. luckeeey...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

the workshops

last week at the mountain workshops was no sleep and for now the days blend together in my head into a big mush of hard work and love for the profession. it'll take some time to pick it apart. it was good. really good. inspiring. and saturday at noon it seemed so easy, looking back. so easy i might just as well go another week without sleep and absorb some more knowledge, find my way into more lives and make friends in crowded hotel rooms over cheap beer.


of mayfield, ky. i loved spending time with her and dan. it was so calming. how beautiful to blend in and witness this couple's life. here's a lose edit from last week at the mountain workshops.

golden rain

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


In the FFA class at Bear River High in Garland, students castrate, brand, dehorn and tag calves from area farmers. The class was the last assignment of spending a whole day at the school. It was interesting to see the kids transform from being timid and disgusted with the work, to becoming comfortable with the procedures and even roughing up these calves quite a bit.