Friday, September 25, 2009

red suckers and blue spruce.

looking at their masterpiece after planting the tree out on the school grounds.


training for the real deal. as of right now, once they graduate, most of these rotc cadets will be deployed within a year. kind of crazy...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bike yoga

not only do we have a shiny new bike collective in zee ogden town, they also have a yoga class for bicyclists. anyone of you co-workers wanna trade the wednesday late shift so i can go?

chilli cooking contest

at the ballpark. indeed.

in high spirits

dedication ceremony for our new di thrift store. right around the corner from work. you know where to find me during lunch break...

left behind

these are the parents of a runner who died near the finish of a pretty short race during the peach days in brigham. he was traveling the world a lot and the fact that they got to spend the last hours with him gave them a lot of comfort, i think.

di likes katz

halfway through the interview di decided to trade notebook and pen for a kitty that ended up falling asleep in her lap. it was so cute i was slowly disintegrating inside.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

this is at a buddhist temple in layton - which i didn't even know existed. they had a house warming celebration for the monks' living quarters. this cambodian dance group got ready for their performance and i decided to hang out with them for a while.
i spent some time at a buddhist center in new zealand a couple of years ago and have been keen to learn some more about it since. never really got around to but it was nice to hang out there and meet these incredibly open and friendly people.

who's fitter?

racers racing

earth quake (drill) in ogden

these students were the lucky ones who got to play injured and were rescued from the "rubbles" of Ogden High.

the director

horses out back

no more big pets in too small backyards if plain city officials have their way. what about boats without ponds or pools?


two ogden homes
sometimes life gets in the way of blogging or the blog gets in the way of life... on the internets you don't feel the wind in the trees or the rain on your cheekies. we think we're socializing but really we're a little person staring with square eyes at some dim-lit screen...and three hours later you look up and it's dark outside. sharing photos is a big part of photography. but what keeps me going is just that first little encounter that sparks a human connection between me and another person.