Saturday, March 26, 2011


now that the wonderful iphone has brought me back to shooting a lot here and there I'm actually considering taking a real camera out with me again.


went back to the old home for a few days for ncaa. beautiful and confusing and happy-making.

The Trio

Daniel Day Trio portrait when I thought I was shooting a show of theirs and had neither lights nor location figured out but then things are never the way you expect them to just gotta make the best of it and these guys were very patient with me and my long exposures and Mike's clunky tripod that saved my life.
daniel day trio dg 776
daniel day trio dg 774

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

how do they do it?

military homecoming after 12 months in afghanistan.
no idea how families deal with it, it must be incredibly hard.
i tried to put myself in the shoes of the woman who was crying so hard when she saw her husband. i couldn't even bear it. it brings tears to my eyes now. the girl below would not stop sobbing as she was holding her dad. and this is even supposed to be the good part, the happy end if you will. what about those who aren't coming back and their families....
troops dg 656
troops dg 633
troops dg 686


I've always dismissed lady gaga as some pop culture phenomenon i'm not really interested in, in part because i'm not into her music in the first place. it was awesome though to see how open minded the fans were i mean when is it ever a cool thing in mainstream utah to see someone dressed up in drag?! the people seemed from pretty wide ranging social backgrounds yet the atmosphere was incredibly relaxed and friendly. you could see how lady gaga's appearance had a huge impact on how these people thought about being different and celebrating that. loved it.
lady gaga dg 113
lady gaga dg 101
lady gaga dg 049
lady gaga dg 012

one more aggie

ncaa usu dg 462

Saturday, March 19, 2011

utah tea party people for NYT

During the interviews I loved hearing how these people got into politics. whether you agree with them or not, the tea party has been quite the movement and I guess I was struck by how normal everyone was. Family moms, business owners, a young and inspired lady. dudes and dudettes, basically. it interested me and I guess with the photos I wanted to show that they're not shiny people sitting in big offices. but like everyone else, they're trying to make a difference.

did he know

Utah State University basketball coach Stew Morrill watches his team during practice at the University of Arizona McKale Center during the NCAA tournament, in Tucson, Ariz. He wasn't too impressed with their performance then and I doubt he was impressed when they lost against Kansas State the day after.
ncaa practice dg 130

kid, ducks, calls

Tate Douglas, is a duck and geese caller. Sounds like a real duck that's quacking at the top of his lungs into an amplifier. So loud neighbors called the cops once.
duck caller dg 2302
duck caller dg 2246


The people were nice and the light was nice and the music was great but for the life of me I couldn't find a good angle to shoot from inside. So I left. Taize Vespers at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, West Valley. Shot through the rainy glass doors from the outside in.
lent vespers dg 2209

Friday, March 11, 2011

we thought winter was over. and then, one morning....
snow dg 1441

Monday, March 7, 2011

telefon kamera

Though late, I finally traded in my ancient flip phone for an iphone. This week I tried the hipstamatic and I find it astounding that you can point it at almost anything and get an interesting looking photo out of it. it's nice to shoot for fun again without having to carry around that big fat clunker I use for work. here's a few days worth...



Sunday, March 6, 2011

granite hot springs for NYT

the only way to get to the springs near jackson, wyo. is to take a snowmobile, skis or dogs on a 10-mile trek. it was somewhere around -20 degrees out and the plastic buckles on my camera bag broke off when i tried to close it. duct tape crumbled into little pieces and i looked like a suicide bomber with camera batteries wrapped in pocket heaters strapped to various parts of my body. it was beautiful and magical and I only wish I would've had a chance to jump in the water...story here

DeChristopher trial + rally for NYT

dechristopher 109
dechristopher 036

Saturday, March 5, 2011

belly galore

dancers on stage
belly dance 1145
belly dance 1133
refreshing to hear leaders of faith talk about immigrants as people, not as those green things with antennae that descend upon us from outer space, as politicians like to call them...
interfaith dg1096

funding cuts deep

they have to cut money somewhere and once again those who are economically the most fragile and socially the least powerful will end up on the chopping block. federal funding for head start, below, and other social programs in utah currently is up in the air.
headstart dg 6
headstart dg 2
headstart dg 1