Thursday, October 28, 2010


fruitshare in the avenues. volunteers pick and keep some too.
it's a slideshow.

standing tall

gov. herbert on the campaign trail with former nba player shawn bradley now running for utah house.
archeology dg 3286


quick legged runners on probably one of the last warm days this year.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


of which we've had a lot lately
rain dg 031
weather dg 3480
weather dg 3427

booster class

where the kids go that just came to the country so they can catch up quickly. this one with mrs. martinez was awesome.
community learning dg 3159


wants pelosi fired.
firepelosi dg 0746

Thursday, October 21, 2010

nickelback. three songs and out.
nickelback dg 065
stephanie and lucy on the front steps
weather dg 2174


a saturday when everybody wanted to release some...
powell balloons dg 2170
dead babies dg 2217
dead babies dg 2220

take yer country back

morgan philpot and mike lee on tour for votes
mike Lee dg 563

herriman reseed

reseed dg 0201

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

abandoned smelter tintic mine with snorkel pool adventure

ausflug with micha, jason, mark and britnee.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

quiet and numerous

Several thousand lgbt supporters formed a chain around Temple Square to protest recent remarks by LDS apostle Boyd K. Packer that same-sex attraction is "impure and "unnatural." (click on image for more photos)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

choir of the madeleine

last one for today.
choir dg 040
choir dg 041
choir dg 039

sonia lopez...

...was described in my photo assignment as a female rapper. but when i got there, she was this sweet girl who sings about love and breakups and other very emotional things in life with this amazing voice. she practices sitting on her bed and I thought it kind of represented her innocence and music career that is still in its infancy. she loved those roses in front of her house. so that's where we set up for a little more glamorous shot.
sonialopez dg 030
sonialopez dg 035


speech dg 8621
can't go wrong with the beautiful interior at abravanel hall. and anthony "toby" tolokan, the utah symphony's new vice president of artistic planning, also was a very nice and patient man, both of which tend to help my portraits.
tolokan dg 7667
tolokan dg 7684

mr. ombach and the german guilt

sometimes germans are weird when it comes to taking blame for their history, even though they weren't alive back then. so after watching the play of anne frank that featured some terrifying ss men vhis vherrie harsh gerrrrrrman accents and then talking to mr ombach whose good family hid jews in amsterdam during the war, it was hard for me to tell him that I was german, too. he noticed, and after the day was over he reassured me that I was in fact a "good kraut, not a bad kraut." phew, that made me feel better.ombach dg 014
ombach dg 016

herriman fire

grew unexpectedly from a plume of smoke in the valley to some crazy mayhem that lasted through most of the night. here, Baylee Boulden, 6, rubs her eye that's irritated from all the smoke. She and her family were outside and watching, with interest but unphased. A few hours later the fire was burning in their backyard and they, with a ton of other residents had to immediately evacuate. I don't think anyone expected that. Not them, not law enforcement, not me.

they won again...

rsl gettin' love from fans
real dg 8867

taking the blame

ntl. guard and herriman fire eval. meeting
herrimanmeeting dg 031

indian summer

featsh hunt.
indiansummer dg 9556
indiansummer dg 9512
indiansummer dg 9541
our gov and lt gov + mrs.s
governor dg 9561
Doctors United Against ObamaCare. That's right!
dg angle 01

Monday, October 4, 2010

ceremony dg 8000
ceremony dg 7917
the story of eight.
dance dg 1005
dance dg 9387

electro- what? - fish?

when we want to survey fish in a river we shock them with a few volts and, voila, they come float'n to the surface...
electrofishing in the green by flaming gorge. this is a slideshow below.

hopefully someone will shoot at you

decoy set up in some random spot near flaming gorge to possibly fine those who truly think this thing is real - and stupidly, illegally, try shooting it.
decoy dg 0705
decoy dg 0822
decoy dg 0775

dew tour

downtown sl. neck-breaking crazy stuff that's very cool to watch.
dew tour dg 8964
dew tour dg 9374
dew tour dg 9422
the first 'away' assignment i went to for the trib was the wild horse roundup near baker, nev.
being in germany, a roundup with 'real' wild horses was only stuff i could fantasize about. so going to baker was great. here they were...for real. this is a slideshow below.

get ready for the bloggy bonanza!

a month of quite eventful shooting at the trib. here we go...
azteca dg 047

mormon media leaders for NYT

For a story on how the LDS-owned media influences the immigration debate in Utah. Click here to read.